Model No£ºHMSS20
Product Name£º20L solar shower
Product Category£ºsolar product


Solar insulators for heating water
Sturdy 4 ply design
Extra velcro wash cloth line
Can be rolled up with ease
Easy to carry



The showering bag is convenient to carry, easy to use and an essential accessory in cold weather camping. Campsites are for having fun. You cannot afford to tire and sleep. A good shower after a long day of camping will freshen-you-up instantly and energize your senses. So, a good and sturdy showering bag can help make your camping experience more enjoyable.

The shower bag is a 4 ply design with solar insulators. Its extra large mouth makes filling water easy and it comes with a twist off cap. A shower head is fitted with switch and you can use this switch to switch the shower head on and off while you shower. You can put your soap and shampoo in the netted pockets and can hang the washed clothes on a velcro washing line. The features of the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Camping Shower Bag are


*Solar insulators for heating water
*A 5 gallon water reservoir
*Sturdy 4 ply design
*Water temperature gauge
*Mesh pockets for holding shampoo and soap
*Extra velcro wash cloth line
*Weighs just 1 lb and 4 oz without water
*Can be rolled up with ease
*Easy to carry and store
*A twist off cap for easy handling
*A built in mirror



*Durable and sturdy 4 ply design
*Multi functional, with a cloths line, soap and shampoo pocket and built in mirror
*The water heats up nicely and quickly (for a 5 gallon bag)
*Warm water sufficient for 4 ¨C 5 showers
*Can be rolled up and easily carried using the handle
*Functional and good overall usability
*Twist off cap stops water from spilling over
*Does not need artificial source of energy for heating


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